What areas do you provide service?

We provide lawn care services to Bethany/Woodbridge/Orange. All other services include New Haven County.

What type of services to you provide?

NJM Landscaping & Excavation provides services in many areas including but not limited too: landscaping, lawn care, paving, excavation, deliveries of stone/soil/mulch, site work, and much more. Please contact for further inquiries.

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes we provide free estimates for all jobs.

What type of mulch do you use?

We use a hardwood blend mulch. Specialty mulch is available on an inquiry basis via bags.

What types of maintenance contracts do you offer?

We offer a range of maintenance contract including but not limited too: Lawn care (weekly or bi-weekly), fall and/or spring clean up contract, snow plowing contract. Please contact us for further inquiry on combination of contracts and offers.

Are you insured to do both commercial and residential work?

Yes we are insured for both commercial and residential work.

What hardscaping services do you provide?

We provide services in retaining walls, and excavation prep work for hardscaping projects.

When excavating do you remove debris?

Yes. Any un-usable material is hauled and removed from work site.

What kind of drainage system do you recommend if my basement floods?

We will come out and access the area to see what type of system you might need. We specialize and install systems including but not limited to: curtains drains and footing drains.

Will grading fix my flooding issues?

Yes. In some instances grading can fix flooding issues, which is a service we also provide.